Prolong The Life Of Your Furnace: Two Keys To Furnace Efficiency


It is easy to think about furnace efficiency as a way to keep your monthly heating costs down, but another benefit of optimizing your system's efficiency is the less your furnace runs, the less it wears down. Thus, if you would like to both reduce your heating costs and forestall the day that you have to pay for repairs, you should have a strategy for preserving and increasing your system's performance. 

Don't Disregard the Ducts.

You might think that having an efficient heating system is all about the furnace, but what lies between your home and the furnace? Your ducts. Leaky ducts can decrease your furnace efficiency by up to 30%. The problem is that as leaks siphon off air flowing from your furnace, a smaller volume of air is available to heat your home, so your furnace ends up taking longer to heat your home than it should. If your ducts are safely ensconced behind the drywall of your home, you will have to call in an HVAC professional, like those at William W Fabian & Son Inc, to inspect and, if necessary, repair your ducts for you. On the other hand, if you have exposed ducts running through your attic or crawlspace, then you can make repairs on your own following these steps:

  1. Turn your furnace thermostat to the "fan" position.
  2. Grab a stick of incense and a lighter. 
  3. Access your ducts.
  4. Light the incense and run it over the joints and seams in your duct system.
  5. Use a permanent marker to mark anywhere where air escaping from your ducts disrupts the smoke from your incense. 
  6. Once you have inspected the full run of your ducts, use a paintbrush to paint duct mastic over the holes you have found. 
  7. Give the mastic time to set then turn your thermostat back to the "heat" position.

What's Wrong with Windows?

Windows can allow the heat from your furnace to leak out of your home. The more heat that seeps through your windows, the more your furnace has to run. Newer windows may have a low-e film included in the windows, but if you have an older home, then you should look into installing low-e film. The special reflective surface of the film can help to decrease your heating energy efficiency by up 25%

The key to optimizing the efficiency of your furnace is to remember that your furnace is just one component of your heating system. If you overlook the hot-air-delivery system (ducts) and your heat retention system (windows) you may end up paying more than you should to keep your home comfortably warm. 


30 July 2015

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While sitting in my living room on a hot summer day, I could feel the heat coming through the ceiling out of my attic and making the house warm up more than it should. I crawled up into the attic one evening to find out that the roof vents weren't working any longer because they were clogged with all sorts of debris. Did you know that when this happens, your home's temperature can rise to very uncomfortable levels? Did you know that your home could actually be damaged if the attic isn't well vented? This blog will show you all about attic ventilation.