2 Reasons To Buy A Window-Mounted Air Conditioning System


Window-mounted air conditioners are among the most popular types of air conditioners, mostly because they can provide you with a whole host of benefits that traditional systems cannot match. A window-mounted unit is beneficial because it is easily installed and saves money.

Easily Installed

Window-mounted air conditioners are a great resource if you want to have your home cooled down as quickly as possible, or if you simply need to replace a broken air conditioner quickly. The reason for this is that you can install a window-mounted unit in less than an hour.

When installing a window-mounted unit, you simply need to place the unit on the window sill and lower the window into a groove on top of the air conditioner. Once those steps are completed, you really only need to worry about sealing off the rest of the window to keep the cold air from escaping or pests from getting into your home.

With a traditional central air system, you will be waiting several days for the system to be installed. In addition, you will not be able to install a central air system on your own.

Saves Money

A window-mounted air conditioner is easily going to be able to save you money versus a traditional central air system because it is going to cost quite a bit less to purchase and install. With a traditional central air system, you will need to be prepared to spend several thousand dollars on the unit and required labor. However, you can usually buy a window-mounted air conditioner for a tiny fraction of the cost of a central air system.

Another way that a window-mounted air conditioner will save you money is because you will not need to buy a new one if you happen to move. You can easily uninstall it and take it with you. 

With a central air system, you will have to leave the system behind if you decide to move. However, the central air system does increase the value of your home, so it will not be a complete loss when you leave it behind and move.

Make an appointment with an HVAC contractor, such as Quality HomEnergy, in order to discuss your air conditioning options. A window-mounted unit is the perfect solution for someone on a tight budget and needs an inexpensive cooling solution. In addition, window-mounted options are also ideal if you want something that you can easily and quickly install.


3 August 2015

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