5 Tips To Get Through A Low Heating Oil Emergency


A small oversight can leave you shivering. If you run out of heating oil or are running low, and you can't get a delivery right away, you don't have to freeze. The following tips can help you survive until the delivery can be made.

Tip #1: Lower Your Use

If your tank isn't quite empty, you may be able to stretch it until a delivery can arrive. Begin by shutting off all the rooms that aren't in use. Shut both the heat vents and the doors to these rooms. This will give you less space to heat, which will then use less fuel. Next, bump the thermostat down a few degrees. You can bundle up for a day or two in a cooler house so your heating fuel lasts.

Tip #2: Get Your Own Refill

Heating oil and diesel fuel are the same thing, the only difference is in how they are taxed. If you desperately need heat, purchase a new, clean gas can and get some diesel at your local gas station. Do not use the tank for anything but diesel. Then, remove the cap from the oil tank fill pipe and pour the diesel inside. If your tank was empty, you will need to bleed and restart the furnace. Place an empty can under the bleed nut on the furnace, and then turn the nut counterclockwise until just a few drops of oil trickles out. Retighten the nut and relight the furnace.

Tip #3: Open Doors (And Taps)

If you have no heat, your plumbing pipes can be in danger of freezing. Opening up the cabinet doors cuts down on condensation and allows air to circulate around the pipes. You also want to turn the taps on to a slow drip, since it takes longer for moving water to freeze.

Tip #4: Play It Safe With Alternatives

If you opt for a space heater until an oil delivery, from a company like Bay State Fuel Oil Inc, arrives, make sure you turn it off before leaving the house or sleeping. You don't want a fire. Also, avoid using heating pads on young children or if you will be falling asleep, since these can cause burns.

Tip #5: Call for an Emergency Delivery

Call around and find an oil company that makes after hours or emergency deliveries. These may just be small deliveries of a few gallons, designed to carry you over until your next regular delivery. The oil is usually sold at a premium rate, or there is an additional fee added on, to pay for making the delivery after normal business hours.


17 August 2015

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