Three Reasons To Have Your Home's Ducts Cleaned


It's easy for the average homeowner to go through life without giving much consideration to the state of the home's air ducts. Over time, however, this network that runs throughout your home can get dusty, dirty and lead to potential problems. It's smart to find a reputable, licensed duct-cleaning business in your city and arrange a visit. A professional has the right tools to get the job done correctly, including specialized vacuums that put your ducts under negative air pressure to draw out the dust, compressors to blast stubborn dust away and even video cameras to ensure the job is done correctly. If you wish to handle the work yourself, you'll need to rent these tools to do the work right -- simply sticking a duster into your ducts isn't enough. Whether you get professional help or get the tools to do the job yourself, here are three reasons to get your ducts cleaned.

Improved Air Quality

The out-of-sight nature of your home's air ducts might keep them out of your mind, but the fact remains that they're filled with dust, pet hair and other allergens that can reduce the quality of the air inside your home. Every time hot or cold air passes through the ducts, it's also carrying these allergens into the air where you breathe them. Getting this system cleaned is especially important if you have people in your home with breathing issues such as asthma.

Less Risk Of A Fire

Drastically dirty air ducts can increase the risk of a fire in your home. Your home's furnace heats to an extremely high temperature, which can mean that there's a risk of a fire starting if the dust in the ducts comes in contact with the heating element of the furnace. Additionally, dust inside the ducts can get drawn into the furnace itself, which can also be dangerous. Having your ducts cleaned drastically reduces the chance of this problem.

Better Energy Efficiency

When your home's air ducts are partially blocked, your furnace and air conditioner have to work harder to pass air through the system, given that the size of the interior of the ducts is reduced by the debris. This extra effort can lead to an unnecessary increase in your home's energy bill. Over time, the extra output of your furnace and air conditioner can cause these systems to age prematurely and even need replacing. In the big picture, the cost of having your ducts cleaned translates to money saved over the long term.

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22 September 2015

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