4 Improvements To Consider For Improving Energy Efficiency Of Radiant Heating


If your home has an outdated heating system that uses radiant heat, you may want to consider improvements to improve energy efficiency. Some of these improvements can also help to give you more comfort, such as thermostat valves to control areas that are too cold or hot. Here are some of the other improvements you may want to consider to make the radiant heating system in your home more comfortable and energy efficient:

1. Use A Zoned Design With Additional Pumps  

Zoned air conditioning designs are often used with central HVAC systems to efficiently heat and cool homes. They can also be used with a radiant heating system. This may require that you have separate pumps and controls installed for different zones of your home, but it can end problems with uneven heating of your home.

2. Control Your Heating With Digital Thermostat Upgrades

Another improvement that can help improve the energy efficiency of your heating system is adding digital controls. You can have programmable thermostats that are integrated with the controls of your boiler. They can tell you when there is a problem with your system, which can be good for biomass systems, as well as allow you to program your heating for optimal energy efficiency.

3. Using Floor And Wall Heating In Areas Like Bathrooms

Another improvement that you may want to consider is floor or wall heating in strategic areas, such as bathrooms. This is an area of your home where you may not want the floors to be cold, you may also want to be able to turn the heating off here when not in use. This can be done with many different types of floor systems, which will also be hidden and out of sight.

4. Install Thermostat Control Valves On Radiators That Are Inefficient

With radiant heating, you can also have problems with uneven heating, where some rooms are hotter or colder than the rest of your home. This can be due to the radiators in these rooms being too close or too far from the boiler. To resolve these problems, add a thermostat control valve on radiators in these rooms to ensure your home gets even heating to the radiators.

These are some of the other improvements you may want to consider to make the radiant heating system in your home more energy efficient. If you need help improving and updating the radiant heating in your home, contact an HVAC service and talk with them about some of these improvements for your home, or to schedule a heating and air conditioning repair for your current system.


8 February 2016

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