Air Conditioner Troubleshooting: Common Causes Of Restricted Air Flow


Adequate airflow is important in an air conditioning system because it determines the cool air output of the air conditioner. This, in addition to the fact that restricted airflow can cause complications such as evaporator coil icing, makes it important not only to detect but also to solve restricted airflow problems as soon as possible. The following are common causes of restricted airflow and which may be to blame for the drop in cooling efficiency of your air conditioner.

Dirty air filters

Air filters of an air conditioner usually help to keep dirt and other particles away from their air conditioning system. They do so by trapping these particles. Over time, the trapped particles usually end up clogging the air filter openings. This then limits the amount of air that the filters can let through and hence causing restricted airflow throughout the air conditioning system.

Washing dirty air filters is an easy way of solving this problem. And since worn out air filters can also cause airflow problems, replacing your filters after every 3 months is an effective way of preventing filter-related airflow problems.

Air handler fan defects

The air handler usually guarantees good airflow through an air conditioning system by sucking air through the return air inlet grilles and driving it through the system. It does this with the help of cupped fan blades. However, when dirt accumulates on these fan blades, they usually turn into 'flat' blades that have a reduced air-driving capacity that then limits the volume of air that the air handler can drive through the system.

To ensure that the air handler fan rotates as efficiently as possible, it is usually fitted with bearings that help to reduce the amount of friction the rotation generates. With time, these bearings usually wear out, something that reduces their ability to reduce friction. This eventually reduces the effectiveness with which the motor can turn the fan and hence restricting the amount of air that can be pushed through the air conditioning system.

Lubricating the fan bearings is usually enough to reduce the rotation resistance at the fan area. It is therefore an effective way of improving airflow throughout your system. However, in cases where the bearings are completely worn out, replacing them is the only way to restore your air conditioner's cooling powers. As for the fan blade problem, washing the dirt off with a cloth, soap and a bucket of water will be enough to solve the lost-cupping problem. For more information, visit sites like


24 May 2016

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