Revealing A Couple Of Myths About Air Conditioning Systems


When the temperatures gets hot outside, a working air conditioner can be among the most important possessions that you own. However, these powerful systems are extremely complicated, which can result in them experiencing a number of problems. To help you be better prepared to handle these problems when they arise, you may want to learn the truth behind these common air conditioner notions.

Myth: You Must Replace Your Air Conditioner To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

Improving the energy efficiency of an air conditioning system can be a great way to lower your monthly energy costs. Yet, there are some homeowners that are under the impression that they only way to achieve these savings is through replacing the central unit. While this is one option, you might not have the savings to commit to making this investment in your home.

Fortunately, it is often possible to enhance the performance of a unit by having it serviced on a regular basis. These service visits are done to ensure that the unit is not suffering from extensive wear and tear. The moving parts in an air conditioning system can create substantial friction, which may cause the internal components to suffer damage as time progresses. Having the unit professionally serviced each year will allow you to have these issues corrected before they are able to noticeably impact the performance and energy usage of the system.

Myth: Foul Odors Are Always The Result Of Issues With The Air Filter

In addition to the temperature, the air quality inside your home can also play a major role in determining the comfort of those inside. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems can start to emit foul odors. When this problem arises, you should relieved that it may not be due to the air filter. Rather, it is possible for molds and other materials to grow in the cool damp ducting, and this can cause these odors to spread throughout your home.

If your air conditioning system encounters this problem, you will likely need to have it professionally cleaned to correct the odor. During this cleaning, professionals will thoroughly scrub the interior of the ducts before applying a powerful sanitizing solution. This solution will help to neutralize any mold spores that remain so that the problem does not immediately return after the cleaning was done. Luckily, these cleanings can be completed relatively quickly, which can help to minimize any disruptions to your schedule. However, the exact amount of time that is needed will depend on the size of your home's network of ducting and the severity of the mold problem.

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13 July 2016

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