Is Your AC Ready For The Return Of Summer? 3 Missteps To Avoid


If you're like most people, you really depend on your AC during the summer. In fact, if you live in an area that endures extreme summer temperatures, you might not be able to get by without your AC. To make sure your AC is always ready to keep you cool, you should be having it professionally serviced at least once a year; usually at the start of the summer season. However, even with the professional servicing, there are still some things that will undermine your air conditioners ability to keep you cool, and may even lead to summer breakdowns. To make sure your air conditioner doesn't fail you this summer, you need to avoid those missteps that could lead to problems. Here are some missteps you should avoid.

Running Your AC Non-Stop

Your AC was designed to keep your home cool. However, it wasn't designed to run non-stop, especially during times of extreme temperatures. To make sure your air conditioner doesn't fail you, you should give it a break from time-to-time. A good way to do that is to lower the thermostat for times when you're away from home. If you have pets that need to stay cool, install a single-room air conditioner that you can use to keep them comfortable while you're away from home during the day. The break will help protect your central air conditioner against overheating.

Letting Mold and Algae Grow in the Condensation Tube

You might not know this, but your air conditioner has a condensation tube attached to it. That's the small plastic tube that runs from your house to the air conditioner unit. The condensation tube is designed to remove the condensation from your home so that it doesn't become too humid inside. After a while, the condensation tube can fill with mold and algae. Not only will that create a foul odor in your home, but it will also allow the condensation to build up in your home and in your air conditioner. To avoid that, you should clean your condensation tube out at least once a month while your air conditioner is in use.

Using a Power Washer on Your AC Coils

If you've heard that you should wash the coils on your air conditioner to keep your unit running smoothly, you're right. However, you shouldn't be using a power washer on the coils. Using a power washer can damage the coils, which will prevent your air conditioner from functioning properly. To avoid that type of damage, use your ordinary garden hose nozzle to clean the coils, or leave the cleaning to the professionals.

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27 December 2017

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