4 Signs Your Home's Air Conditioner May Have A Refrigerant Leak


Air conditioning units rely on refrigerant to properly absorb heat so the air conditioner can cool air before it is blown into a house. Refrigerant does not get used up or depleted, but it is possible for a leak to form in the A/C unit which can result in a low refrigerant level. If your home's air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant, you will need to have the problem repaired by an experienced HVAC technician. Some common signs that your air conditioner is low on refrigerant include:

1. The Temperature Doesn't Match the Thermostat

When it is hot outside, many people rely on their air conditioner to keep their home comfortable. However, when there is a refrigerant leak, the air conditioning unit can't keep up and produce enough cold air to cool down a house enough to match the temperature on the thermostat. If you keep turning your thermostat down without seeing any noticeable change in how cool your home is, it may be because your HVAC unit doesn't have enough refrigerant.

2.  Air From Vents Doesn't Feel Cold

When your air conditioner is running but your home is not cooling down like it should, you most likely will check out the vents. If your air conditioning unit has a refrigerant leak, the air blowing out of the vents will not be as cold as it should be. Depending on the severity of the leak, the air from the vents may barely be cool at all.

3. Gurgling or Hissing Sounds from Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units are designed with a closed refrigerant system, but a leak in the refrigerant line can cause strange noises. Most commonly, a refrigerant line leak will cause gurgling or hissing sounds; the larger the leak, the more noticeable the sounds. If you notice a gurgling or hissing sound coming from your air conditioning unit, you need to call an HVAC company like Universal Refrigeration to schedule repairs. 

4. Noticeably Higher Electric Bills

Since an air conditioning unit can't function properly with a refrigerant leak, the unit will run longer and longer trying to cool down a home. In addition, people tend to turn their thermostat down when their house doesn't feel cool enough, resulting in an air conditioner that will run around the clock. When your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak, you will likely see a big spike in your electric bill. Be proactive and schedule repairs for your HVAC unit to prevent more serious problems. 


17 May 2018

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