Filter Replacement: The First Step In Good HVAC Care


There is a very good chance that your HVAC system would benefit if you went and changed the filter right. Most homeowners failed to change their air filters on time. Since filters are out of sight and out of mind, is usually a matter of neglect more than anything else. Filters are extremely affordable, and it doesn't take any special skills to change them. This article explains the importance of the filter replacement, and how to make it easier on yourself.

Change Your Filter, Don't Clean It

Filters are cheap and disposable. They are meant to be thrown away after a couple of months. You can try to clean your filter, but it isn't worth your time. First of all, you can only clean the outside of the filter blades, but most of the debris that he catches will be inside the filter. So, even a strong vacuum will not be able to suck all of the debris out of it. The entire point of the filter to catch this debris that is floating through the air and prevent it from escaping.

The Problems Created By Dirty Filters

The problem is that, when your filter is dirty, it means that it doesn't filter the rest of the air. As a result, you are going to have air blowing into your rooms that is dirty and less healthy. It could carry pollen, dust, dander, and other things that can cause allergies. The air can also smell more stale if it is not properly filtered.

Clean Your Filter Compartment While it is Empty

One helpful way to make your filter cleaning more effective is to use a hose vacuum to clean out the compartment while you are doing the replacement. That is, you can vacuum out the filter compartment before you put the new filter in place. Some of the dust will fall off of the filter. This dust is bound to settle in the compartment. So, if you clean this out, your new filter won't get dirty as quickly.

How to Make Replacement Easier

You should keep a chart of your filter replacement schedule. You can put a sticker directly on your furnace, and mark whenever you change the filter. It will also be helpful if you have a filter enhancer you can make the replacement as soon as you remember to do it. By your filters in bulk from the home improvement store. You can get a five pack for less than $50. This way you'll have plenty on hand when needed.

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25 July 2018

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