3 Tips To Give Your Air Conditioner A Longer Life


Do you love cool weather? Are you glad that you don't have to use your air conditioner again this year? As much as people love summer activities like going swimming or having BBQs, few people actually enjoy high temperatures. As a whole, we'd much rather sit inside a nice air-conditioned room unless we have something fun to do outside. But in order to make sure that can be done next summer, you need to take care of your air conditioner this year. Some things that should be done regularly include the following.

1. Inspection & tune-up: All mechanical things eventually wear out, and that includes air conditioners. Professional AC services are in the business of ensuring that your air conditioner remains functional for as long as possible. Things like worn-out fans or compressors nearing the end of their life can be swapped out relatively easily in the fall and early winter months when the AC doesn't need to be running.

If the part happens to not be in stock at the moment, as sometimes happens, you won't have to worry about you and your family feeling like you're melting while you wait for it to arrive. Having professional care on an annual basis will help to maximize how long you're able to use your air conditioner before it needs to be replaced.

2. Install a cover: When you're not going to be using your AC for a while, it's a good idea to install a cover over the unit. This helps to protect it from the elements and from any small critters that might decide it's a good idea to crawl inside. A cover on your air conditioner also helps to prevent cold winter air from getting into your home. If you don't have a cover, your local AC services company will either be able to sell you one or tell you where you can buy one that will fit your air conditioner.

3. Replace filter: Never leave a dirty filter in place over the winter months. There's a good chance that you'll forget about it entirely when it comes time to turn the AC on when warm weather hits. Running an air conditioner with a dirty filter will result in dirty air being drawn through the filter and potentially clogging up your AC unit. If you don't want to have to call for AC services about an air conditioner that seems to have stopped working for no known reason, make sure that you replace your filter in the fall and then on a regular basis throughout the year when the AC is in use.

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5 November 2018

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