Why Winter And Early Spring Are Ideal Times To Install A New Air Conditioner


The thought of having a new air conditioner installed is never a pleasant one, but if you can choose any time to do it, then think about getting your new AC in the winter or early spring. Air conditioning may be the last thing on your mind when it's cold outside, but cold weather is the perfect time for the installation process. Here's why.

AC Installation Might Be Discounted In The Winter

People tend to push their air conditioners as long as possible, and that means summer is a busy time for AC repairs and replacement. It might be more difficult to schedule the work for a time that's convenient during the busy summer months. Air conditioning service companies are often slower in the winter, and that means it will be easier to find a suitable appointment time. Best of all, the installation might even be less expensive when it's done in the offseason. You might find discounts on equipment as well as labor when manufacturers clear out old equipment, and AC companies run specials to get winter business.

The Work Might Go Quicker

If you've ever been in your attic in the middle of summer, you know how dangerously hot it is. That makes for uncomfortable working conditions. Even working outdoors and inside your home when there's no AC is a slower process when it's hot and miserable. The AC technician may need to take more breaks to keep from overheating. That could draw out the length of disruption to your family, and the more hours of labor might even affect the final cost of the installation. When the weather is cooler, conditions are more favorable for hard work.

Your New AC Is Ready For The First Hot Day Of Summer

It's a good feeling when you can depend on your AC to kick in on the first hot day of the summer. It gives you peace of mind knowing the unit will run all summer without problems. You'll have one less thing to worry about and one less summer expense hanging over your head if you have the air conditioner installed during the winter instead of waiting until summer when you need it to keep you cool.

Of course, an air conditioner can be installed any season of the year, even when it is hot and miserable outside. However, you can avoid suffering through an AC breakdown and new installation during the heat of summer by thinking ahead and having the work done when it's chilly outside. For more information, contact a company like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc.


11 December 2018

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