It's Air Conditioning Season! Follow These Tips For Care And Maintenance


Summer is about to arrive, and you know what that means! It's air conditioning season once again. You probably know that you need to take good care of your air conditioner in order to keep it in good shape. But if you're like many other homeowners, you may find the idea of air conditioning maintenance abstract and overwhelming.

You're in luck. As long as you follow these simple tips, you can be confident in your AC maintenance efforts.

1. Change the air filter.

The air filter traps dust and dirt, keeping them out of your home and away from the air conditioner itself. Eventually, the air filter will get clogged with debris, and then air won't flow through it very well. Change your filter on the first of each month, all summer long, to keep your air conditioner working well.

2. Keep the vents clear.

As the seasons change, you may want to rearrange some of your furniture. In doing so, make sure you don't block any of your air conditioning vents. Doing so will impede airflow through the AC ducts, and this stress will be hard on the motor that pushes air through your air conditioner. 

3. Trim around the air conditioner.

Hiding the air conditioner behind weeds, flowers, or shrubs is not a good idea. The weeds can impede airflow to the unit, which may cause it to accumulate an icy buildup. The ice is more than an aesthetic problem. It may cause damage to the housing of your air conditioner, and the unit may not run when it's iced over.

4. Go easy on the thermostat.

You may be tempted to turn the thermostat way down low in an effort to cool your home down faster, but this strategy does not really work. Turn the thermostat to the setting you want — not any lower. And consider setting your thermostat a degree or two higher this year, since doing so is easier on your air conditioner. 

5. Straighten crooked fins.

If the fins on the exterior of your air conditioner are bent, turn the power to the unit off and use a kitchen knife to straighten them out. This only takes a few minutes, and you should only have to do it a few times per year. It's easier for your AC unit to draw air in through the fins when they are straight and lined up properly. 

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28 February 2019

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