Reasons AC Maintenance Is Essential For Your Home, Family, And Longevity Of The Air Conditioner


Regular AC maintenance is an important part of owning a home with a central air conditioner. Without maintenance, your AC will accumulate dirt, and worn parts won't be replaced until the unit breaks down. Proper AC maintenance includes things you do yourself all summer, such as change the filter, and servicing by a technician. Here are some reasons air conditioner maintenance is such an important issue.

Maintenance Saves Money Over Time

The cost of an annual AC tuneup isn't that much, especially when compared to the cost of repairs needed due to neglect. If you never service your AC, it's a matter of time before accumulated dust causes some sort of damage or a worn part gives out. This leads to the need for an emergency call and repairs that could be avoided. Plus, when you keep your air conditioner in good condition, it has a longer life so you get better value for your investment in the system.

Maintenance Helps Avoid Health Dangers

Having an air conditioned home is important for comfort, but it can be essential if someone in your family has a respiratory condition or if they're frail. Summer heat and humidity make it difficult to breathe for some people and the conditions in your home could become dangerous to them if the AC goes out. If someone in your home has allergies, cleaning the AC out regularly could improve the quality of the air in your home and help provide an allergen-free place to live in comfort. If you have a baby, older adult, sick person, or someone with allergies in your home, keeping the air conditioner functional could be important for their safety and health.

AC Maintenance Protects Your Home

An air conditioner that's not maintained properly can pose dangers to your home too. For instance, if the condensation drain builds up debris from not being cleaned, water can spill on the floor rather than drain outside. This could cause water damage, create moldy odors, or even damage the HVAC. Overheating is a potential problem too that becomes an issue when an AC is dusty. The HVAC system usually handles this problem by shutting itself down when it overheats, but if it doesn't, or if the HVAC develops electrical problems, then the electrical system in your home could be damaged, or a fire could break out. An air conditioner that keeps tripping a circuit is a potential fire hazard. Another way an AC can damage your home is by hurting its value when it's time to sell. Buyers appreciate a home with systems that have been well-maintained. If the home inspection shows signs of AC wear and tear along with a history of poor maintenance, it might affect the sale of your house or the selling price.

There are some serious consequences of not maintaining your air conditioner, but the good thing is they can be avoided. Have a service call that includes cleaning and servicing the parts before the cooling season begins each year and change the AC filter regularly so your air conditioner has a long life and avoids unnecessary trouble.


19 April 2019

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