Freezing Problems That Cause Your Home To Be More Like A Furnace: 4 Tips To Deal With Summer AC Problems


The summer is coming, which means plenty of sunshine and hot weather, and you want to be sure that you do not have problems with your AC. This is also a time of the year when components of the AC can freeze and cause serious damage to the system. The following tips will help you with the maintenance and repairs your AC will need to avoid problems with freezing and your home becoming a furnace:

1. Spring Servicing and Repairs to Ensure Your AC Is Ready for Summer Weather

The best way to get a head start on summer is to have your AC serviced in spring. Before you contact the AC repair service for help, make sure to remove any weatherization and clean the unit. The HVAC technician will be able to help with thorough cleaning, inspection, charging gas, and repairs that need to be done before the summer months arrive. If your air filter is difficult to get to, have the technician change it while they are servicing the air conditioner.

2. Repairing and Cleaning Ducts to Improve Efficiency and Avoid Summer AC Problems

Ducts often have problems with dust getting in them, as well as damage due to wear, pests, and moisture. First, clean your ducts to make sure that air flows freely and reduce allergens in your home. In addition, inspect the ducts and repair damage that may cause problems with energy loss and condensation. If there is extensive damage to the ducts, talk to an AC repair service for help with repairs.

3. Preventing Condensation on AC Parts That Can Lead to Serious Damage and Costly Repairs

Condensation is a serious problem that you want to avoid with your HVAC system. To prevent these problems, it is important that components of your AC stay clean. It is a good idea to clean the condensing unit outside at least once a year to prevent problems with the AC freezing. If your AC has problems with freezing, then you may need help with cleaning and repairs.

4. Dealing with AC Freezing and Having Your AC Inspected and Repaired To Prevent Further Damage

Once your AC freezes during hot summer weather, you will want to turn it off and let it thaw quickly. If you continue to use the AC and have problems with freezing, this may cause damage to the compressor and condensing coils. Have an HVAC service help with cleaning, inspecting, and repairing damage before it becomes costly to repair.

The summer months can be hard on your AC, and you will need to do maintenance and repairs to prevent your home from becoming a furnace. If your air conditioner keeps freezing and is not cooling as it should, contact an air conditioning repair service for help solving the problem and keeping your home cool during the summer heat.


18 May 2019

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