Hiring A Plumber To Help Install Your New Heating System


When you are installing a new heating system, you more than likely do not think you need plumbing services, but depending on the type of system our putting in, you may need a plumber to run specific lines and pipes that are part of the system. 

Heating With Water

One of the most basic heating systems that you may need a plumber to install is a boiler or forced hot water system. These systems use water circulating through pipes to radiators in the room to provide heat. The plumbing needs to be installed correctly and if there are leaks in the joints, air can get into the system, causing problems in the system. 

Most HVAC companies have plumbers working for them to install the plumbing for boiler systems and since many of these boilers tie into the domestic hot water system, you need a plumber to make the connections that will allow you to use the boiler as a single heating and hot water source in your home. 

Alternative Heating Systems

An alternative heating system that uses water and requires plumbing is a solar heating system. The system circulates water through solar panels that provide heat and then back into the home to be used for heat and domestic hot water. 

While these systems are not as common as a boiler, they do offer an efficient way to heat your home. The plumbing for these systems can be complex, so it is important that you hire a plumber that understands them and can connect the hot water to your existing plumbing.

Plumbing Fuel Lines

Another common plumbing concern that you may be faced with is installing the fuel lines that run to your heating system. Some systems run on fuel oil and others on gas. In both cases, the lines that carry the fuel from the tank to the home need to be installed correctly. If they are not, the line can leak and create a very hazardous situation. 

The plumber working with an HVAC company most likely has a lot of experience working with fuel lines and will have the knowledge and experience to put them in properly. Sometimes the company that supplies the fuel for your home will install the fuel line for you, but have the HVAC company check it to ensure it is correct for your needs. The HVAC company knows what the heating system needs and will make sure the line is right for your specific heating system before they turn on the fuel and start the system,


7 August 2019

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