A Non-Starter Or Poor Performer? Possible Furnace Repair Issues You May Face


The cozy comfort of a warm home is a critical need for families who live in areas where severe winter weather is the norm. Unfortunately, like all machines, the average home furnace will, at some point, develop a repair issue that causes it to perform poorly or even completely cease to function. Homeowners who are experiencing issues with the performance of their home's heating system can use this information to help determine what type of repair their furnace may require. 

Failure to ignite 

If a gas or oil furnace was manufactured within the last few years, it should be equipped with an electronic ignition instead of the formerly used lighting systems that required the flame of a constantly burning pilot light. The electronic ignition systems commonly used in home furnaces will be equipped with a hot surface ignition component or an intermittent pilot system.

Gas or oil furnaces that suddenly fail to produce heat, even though the blower continues to operate, may be experiencing failure of its electronic ignition system. Fortunately, this type of repair is relatively common and can be performed quickly by a qualified HVAC service technician. 

Failure to run

HVAC systems are equipped with components called capacitors that provide them with enough high-voltage power to start up powerful blower motors. Once started, the capacitor is also required for the continued operation of the blower during the heating cycle. 

Faulty or failed capacitors may cause blowers to run slower or completely stop blowing. HVAC owners may also note that furnaces seem to start and run less efficiently or experience short cycling when the capacitor has begun to fail. It is important to note that capacitors are connected to high voltage electricity. For safety reasons, capacitor repair and replacement should only be done by an experienced, qualified HVAC technician. 

Failure to control

Another common repair issue that homeowners may face with their heating system involves the thermostat. An improperly functioning thermostat can prevent the furnace from starting up or running long enough to meet the comfort needs of the home. 

Homeowners who are experiencing thermostat issues can first try installing fresh, fully charged batteries to eliminate the possibility of failed ones. If the problem persists after battery replacement, the cause of the issue may be related to faulty or damaged wiring or some type of physical damage to the thermostat, such as exposure to moisture, heat, or blunt force. 

Homeowners who want to learn as much as possible about their home's heating system and the possible repair issues they may be facing can do so by contacting a furnace repair company in their area. 


14 October 2020

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