Furnace Replacement Planning Tips for Staying Warm This Winter


The winter months are here, and you need your heating. This can be a problem if the heating goes out and the furnace is unrepairable. Therefore, you are going to need to do some planning for a replacement to get your heating back on. The following furnace replacement information will help you plan your winter heating project:

Inspecting the Existing Heating System

The existing heating system will need to be inspected before you start planning the furnace replacement. You want to address issues and decide what needs to be done when the new heating system is installed. Things that you want to look for when inspecting the existing system include:

  • Damage to the furnace
  • Air handler and ductwork
  • Furnace blower fan
  • The thermostat controls

The inspection of your system will give you a better idea of the work that needs to be done when the furnace is replaced. You can also talk to the contractor about temporary repairs that may help get your heating back on until the furnace can be replaced.

Deciding on What Type of Furnace to Install

The furnace you choose installed in your home can be different than your original system. There are also alternative solutions for your furnace replacement project. These can be high-efficiency furnaces or alternatives like AC heat pumps and geothermal HVAC. The best solution is to use a similar furnace to the one that is being replaced. This will reduce the work that needs to be done for the installation.

Upgrades to Consider When Replacing the Furnace

In addition to the choice of furnace you have installed, there may be other upgrades to consider. You may want to make your HVAC system a zoned design to improve efficiency, upgrade ductwork, and install a smart thermostat. These improvements will improve the efficiency of your heating and the comfort of your home.

Scheduling the Installation of the New Furnace

The timing of your furnace replacement is also important for the winter months. You want to work with the installation contractor to find a window of nice weather to install the system. Try to have the installation done when the weather is not as cold out, and temperatures are above freezing. Sometimes, it may be difficult to schedule the replacement for the best times. 

This will help you plan your winter heating installation to get your system working again. Contact a furnace replacement service for help planning the installation of a new heating system for your home.


21 December 2020

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