What To Do When Your Heating System Stops Working


The heating system in your house can stop working for several reasons, but there are some common things that you can check. If you cannot determine why the system is not running, you may need to call a heating repair company to evaluate the system and make repairs for you.

Thermostat Problems

One part that nearly every heating system has is a thermostat that controls the temperature in a given area of the house. If the thermostat is not working correctly, it can cause the heating system to not run or to run all the time. The result, in either case, is a very uncomfortable home. 

Some thermostats use batteries that you can change, but if you install new batteries and that does not correct the problem, you may need to have a heating repair tech come and check the system. While the thermostat could still be the cause, replacing it may be necessary, but spending the money on a new thermostat is not necessarily a good plan if you are not sure that is the issue.

Clogged Filters

The air filters in the system are critical to the operation of the heating system. Many heating systems are designed with fail-safes that shut down the heating system if they detect limited airflow through the filters. Changing the filters regularly is essential, but if the system shuts down and you are not sure whether the filters are the issue, calling a heating repair company to inspect the system for problems is important. 

If the filters need changing, the tech can swap them out for new filters for you and reset the system so that the heat comes back on. If you are not sure where the air filters are in your heating system, ask the heating repair service to show you where they are and how often you should change them. 

You can buy new filters at almost any home center, and if you have a few on hand, changing them is often a five-minute job that could eliminate a system shutdown and a repair bill for a service call. 

Low Fuel

Fuel for your heating system is essential, and if you let the fuel get too low in the system, the heating system can draw in air that will cause the burner to go out. Once this happens, you may need to bleed the air out of the line, and it can be a little challenging to do in some systems. 

Most heating repair companies can take care of bleeding the line, but you need to get fuel first to ensure it does not go out again. Some heating fuel services will bleed the line for you at no cost, but ask when you call for fuel delivery. 


26 January 2021

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