Tips For Hiring A Propane Delivery Service


Choosing the right propane delivery service is important. The following are just a few things to consider.

Is Your Tank Easily Accessible?

Accessibility is one of the first factors to consider. Your tank needs to placed in an area that the delivery vehicle can access regardless of the weather. Just because a tank is easy to get to in the summer, doesn't mean it can be accessed by the service in winter.

The truck doesn't need the ability to drive right up to the tank, as most use a hose to transport fuel from the truck to your tank. The issue is if your tank is far from a driveway or road access. The truck may not have a sufficiently long hose to reach the tank, particularly if access is blocked seasonally by snow or mud. Make sure the service you choose can reach your tank under worst-case conditions.

Does the Delivery Company Provide Other Services?

The main service provided should be propane delivery, but it is helpful to choose a service that also has other useful offerings. Not only is it more convenient, but the other services may also come with a discount if you are a fuel customer.

At a bare minimum, a service should provide annual inspection and maintenance for your tank and its various valves, hookups, and gauges. This way you can be sure it is always in good condition. Some propane delivery companies also service propane appliances. This means the same service that brings your fuel is also able to provide maintenance, repairs, or replacement for propane appliances like cooktops, water heaters, and furnaces.

Are There Any Incentives Provided By the Service?

Incentives are a common method for a propane company to attract business. Some incentives are no more than discounts provided to certain populations. For example, the company may give a fuel or delivery charge discount to military service people, senior citizens, or employees of certain local industries. If you qualify, this can be a major deciding factor when choosing your propane delivery service.

Other incentives may be provided, as well. Some services allow you to lock in propane prices when they are at their lowest for the year if you commit to having a certain amount delivered or go on a monthly delivery schedule. Others may provide incentives if you are switching to propane from another energy source. For example, if you enter into a contract for propane delivery, they provide the tank and its installation at no extra charge.

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26 February 2021

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