5 Plumbing Services A Professional Plumbing Contractor Can Offer


Plumbing services are a necessity in both commercial and residential settings. However, it is important to know the specific services provided by plumbers to determine when to call them. This can save you from hiring the wrong professional, only to realize your problem is plumbing-related. Besides, like all other industries, the plumbing industry broadens its services as new appliances and plumbing systems emerge. The following are five services offered by a plumber. 

1. Water Supply Services

A plumber can install a water supply system in your new home or commercial property. They will fix and connect the pipes to the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Also, they can join your main tank to the garden, toilet, or bathroom to serve your interests.

The expert can also come in handy when you want to repair or replace your plumbing system. For instance, if your pipework is worn out or broken, interrupting water flow, they can inspect, repair, or change it.  

2. Water Heater Services

Plumbers are trained to install, repair, and replace water heaters. During the installation phase, they can help you find a suitable unit and mount it correctly and ensure it meets your hot water needs. Moreover, they will offer you maintenance services by inspecting the water heater periodically to spot issues and fix them on time. 

If your unit develops a problem, such as fluctuating temperatures, the plumber will discover the source of the problem and undertake repairs. However, if your water heater is too old or beyond repair, they may advise you to get a new one.

3. Drain Cleaning

Your kitchen and bathroom drains can become clogged with dirt and grease, resulting in slow drainage, backups, and foul odors. Therefore, it is vital to schedule regular drain cleaning services with your plumber. Professionals usually have special tools that enable them to remove debris from the drains and restore proper functioning. 

4. Garbage Disposal Services

Garbage disposal is an essential part of your kitchen. However, it can develop issues such as not turning on or producing strange noises. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should hire a plumbing contractor to address the problem.

5. Water Tank Cleaning

Generally, the water that flows from your main supply to your tank contains magnesium and calcium ions. These minerals can react with your tank and form a precipitate, contaminating your tank. Additionally, algae can grow in your tank, encouraging insects to create a habitat in it. For this reason, you need to wash your tank to maintain high water quality. Plumbers have the knowledge and equipment to clean the water tanks and other plumbing systems.

If you need any of these crucial plumbing services, you should hire a plumber in your area right away. It is essential to work with a licensed, insured, and reliable plumber for excellent and timely services. 


7 May 2021

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