5 Thermostat Problems That Affect Your Furnace and Keep Your Home From Getting Warm


Your furnace relies on a thermostat to run properly. If the thermostat malfunctions, your heater may not turn on, and your home will be chilly and uncomfortable. A few things can cause your thermostat to malfunction, and you might need a heating repair technician to figure out what's wrong with your thermostat and fix it. Here are some signs your furnace thermostat might be malfunctioning.

A New Thermostat Isn't Compatible

If you recently bought a new smart thermostat and installed it yourself, the problem might be that the thermostat and furnace aren't compatible. In that case, a heating repair technician can confirm the problem and install a new smart thermostat that will be able to work with your furnace.

The Thermostat Is Dirty

A thermostat usually isn't sealed. Dust can get behind the cover and accumulate on the parts inside. If you see dust when you open the cover, try to gently blow out the dust or use a microfiber cloth to get it clean. Be careful not to tug on wires and pull them loose. Test the thermostat after cleaning it to see if that solves your problem.

The Thermostat Has Power Or Wiring Issues

If your thermostat runs on batteries, put in new high-quality batteries to see if that helps. The problem might also be loose wiring that connects the thermostat to the control board of your furnace. Loose wiring can cause your furnace to start up and shut down erratically.

The Thermostat Is Old

Your thermostat may need to be replaced because it's old. Old thermostats often contained mercury to help them operate. The mercury has to be level in these thermostats, and if your thermostat shifts, it may cause your furnace to stop working. Old thermostats also have heat anticipators that have to be adjusted manually. If the heat anticipator isn't set properly, it causes your furnace to short cycle.

You can avoid these problems by having a modern digital thermostat installed by your heating repair technician. In these, the heat anticipator adjusts automatically and they rely on magnetic or electronic switches rather than mercury to sense and control heat.

The Thermostat Needs To Be Moved

The heating repair technician may find that thermostat isn't in the best location in your home. The previous owner of your home may have installed a new thermostat and put it in a less than ideal location.

If the thermostat detects solar heating from a window or chilly drafts, it will cycle on and off in response to those temperatures rather than the temperature in the rest of your room. The heating repair technician may install the thermostat near the air return where it is away from the sun and drafty windows for the best control of your home temperature.

For more information about heating repair services, contact a local HVAC contractor near you.


28 June 2021

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