So Your AC Is Acting Up? Clues The AC Compressor Has Failed


Compressor failure is one of the most common problems that affect air conditioners. Replacing a completely failed compressor is expensive, and you can avoid such an expense through regular maintenance and repairs. However, as the unit gets older, the wear and tear will likely lead to the eventual failure of the compressor. It is advisable to call an AC repair professional when you notice the following signs of compressor failure. 

Your Bills Have Skyrocketed

The compressor is an integral part of your AC's cooling process. When your air conditioner evaporator comes into contact with warm air from a room, the refrigerant absorbs the heat to allow evaporation. The refrigerant will travel into the compressor, which compresses it back into liquid. The liquid then moves to the condenser unit, where all the heat from the house will get released outdoors. The cycle works efficiently when every part of the air conditioner performs the assigned task at optimum efficiency. However, if the compressor fails, it will take longer to lower the temperatures to the required level. The more additional time the unit needs to perform the necessary task, the higher the electrical bills. 

Your Refrigerant Starts Leaking

Leaking is another indicator that your compressor is failing. Typically, the refrigerant moves through a network of evaporator coils, and as the system gets older, it will inevitably suffer damages because of the regular wear and tear. Leaking refrigerant shouldn't go ignored because of its low boiling point and volatile organic compounds. Your family members might experience headaches and other complications due to fluid leaks. Also, lower levels of refrigerant in the system lower the efficiency of the unit. 

Your House Has Weak Flow of Cold Air

Another indicator that your compressor needs repair is a weak flow of air in the house. Alternatively, the system could be blowing warm air back into the home when cooling is necessary. These two problems often indicate that either the system has stopped cooling the air or that cooling is effective, but the ducts have a blockage. If you check these two issues and the system seems fine, then the compressor has failed. You should call an air conditioning technician to check the compressor and determine whether it is time for repairs. 

These are common indicators that your compressor has failed and needs repairs. Timely compressor repairs in the spring will help you prepare for summer and avoid heat discomfort or stuffiness.


13 September 2021

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