Why Air Conditioner Fans Won't Work


Most central air conditioners have two fans. The first one is inside, and its function is to blow cool air into the house. The second one is close to the outdoor condenser unit and blows cold air over the condenser to release heat from indoors. Both fans are essential to the function of the air conditioner. You should know some of the main reasons why your AC fan might stop working and get the right help with the air-conditioning repair. Here is what you need to know.

Check the Fuse Box

If you check the condenser unit of your air conditioner unit well, you will notice a small box known as the disconnect box. It is also known as the fuse box or the fuse box. The disconnect box contains fuses and circuit breakers. Its role is to protect the air conditioner from electrical damage if you experience a power surge. If the disconnect box is not working, it means you have blown fuses or tripped breakers. Call an AC technician to fix the problem and restore the function of the fan.

Check the AC Contactor

The contactor is an electrical switch that controls both the compressor and condenser fan motor. It works by switching the electrical current on and off to run or stop the motor. The contactor wears out with time and frequent usage. When it gets damaged, it prevents the outdoor fan from working as it should. The switch is quite complicated, and you should let the AC technician handle its repair.

Issues With the Fan Motor

The fan motor is the electrical part that powers the fan. The fan control is magnetized and works after receiving signals from the thermostat. It becomes disabled when the magnet gets damaged. If the primary fan motor control becomes disabled, the entire fan stops working. Also, the fan motor can burn out due to the stress it undergoes regularly. Poor AC maintenance increases the strain your fan motor experiences and shortens its lifespan. You should contact a technician for repairs when the fan stops working.

The Unit Doesn't Have Current

An obvious issue is when your HVAC unit stops receiving power. You should check all electrical connections and ensure they are functional. Once you restore the circuit, it resumes its work.

Do not hesitate to contact a professional AC contractor when you notice trouble with the system. They will visit you, diagnose and perform the needed air-conditioning repair.


6 October 2021

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