Common HVAC Repairs To Prepare For This Fall


It's that time of year when people start thinking about heating their homes. One thing is certain — there are common issues with your HVAC system that will always come up. Whenever they happen, you should be prepared and know what to do. The following fall and winter HVAC repair information will help you be prepared when you have a problem with your system:

Loose Wire Connections

The first problems that you might have to deal with when it comes to your HVAC system are electrical issues. Sometimes, these problems might be something as simple as a tripped breaker, but other times they might be more serious concerns.

The issues with the electrical components of your HVAC system can cause your heating to fail during the winter months when you need it the most. A common issue that can affect your AC or your furnace is a bad capacitor. In addition to the capacitor, parts like circuit boards and wiring can also be damaged and cause faults with your heating.

Broken Blowers

The blower is another component of your HVAC system that can fail during the fall or winter months. These issues include damage to the fan or problems with the motor that needs to be repaired. If the blower is old, it might be better to replace it rather than try to fix it.

If you decide to replace the blower, there are also options for modern equipment. These options include things like variable-speed motors, a better fin design on the blower, and auxiliary inline blowers to boost airflow. You might want to talk about these options with an HVAC service so that you update your blower and improve airflow if it needs to be replaced when doing repairs.

Damaged Ducts and Blocked Vents

In addition to the blower, there might also be issues with the ducts and vents that need to be repaired. A damaged duct can leak cold air into your house or allow hot air to get out. Ducts usually need to be sealed or replaced. The ducts in your attic and basement are especially exposed to cold winter weather and may need repairs.

There are also issues with the vents that might need to be repaired. These issues are often related to the vents being blocked by objects like furniture. There can be other issues with damage to the vents or problems if you have filters at duct vents. Remove filters and replace damaged vent covers if they are causing complications.

Furnace and AC Heat Pump Problems

Today, there are more HVAC systems that use a heat pump design. This means that they use the AC heat pump to provide heating instead of a conventional furnace. Therefore, you might need to have issues with your AC repaired during the winter months if there is a problem with the heat pump.

In addition to heat pumps, you might still use a conventional furnace. There are common furnace problems like a pilot light ignitor failing or issues with the burner. There can also be problems with the thermocouple and other components that can fail during the winter months.

The problems with your HVAC can cause a reduction in efficiency and lead to higher energy costs. For assistance, contact an HVAC system service.


8 November 2021

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