3 Common Furnace Problems That You Might Experience This Winter


You should ensure that your furnace is in perfect working condition this winter. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have a cold house in the middle of the season to figure out that they need to check and replace their system. Here are some common problems that your heating appliance might encounter this cold season and tips to help you resolve any complications.

When It Doesn't Turn On

Most people realize that they need to repair their system when they turn it on and it doesn't work. Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as a switch in the off position. At other times, you might have a complex issue affecting the parts of the unit. It is advisable to start by checking the condition of your thermostat and ascertaining that it has the ideal settings. Another part to inspect and change is the filters. If you make these minor adjustments and the unit still doesn't turn on, it is time to consider the possibility that you have an issue that will need a professional to resolve.

It Doesn't Heat the Home

The purpose of your furnace is to produce heat for your home. If yours is not performing that function, you need to consider hiring a technician to handle repairs. You can start the assessment by checking and ensuring that the circuit breaker is working and you do not have blown and damaged fuses. If you cannot spot an issue with the circuit breaker, consider hiring a competent repair technician to help you troubleshoot and repair the unit.

Odd Noises From the Unit

It is also advisable to listen to the sounds that the unit makes during its operation. The nature of the sound tells a lot about the problem your system is experiencing. For example, grinding sounds emanate from damage in the ball bearings. You should turn off the unit and call the repair technician. Knocking and rattling sounds are common when you have a loose mechanical part in the heater. Also, the appliance might squeal when the fan belt needs repairs. These are intricate parts of the unit that need professional help to repair. Call a technician to assess the source of the noise and determine the ideal repairs. 

You should avoid experiencing the inconveniences of a damaged AC unit this winter by investing in timely and comprehensive repairs. Call a professional furnace repair service immediately after you notice signs of trouble to help you fix the system. 


2 December 2021

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