Some Air Conditioning Maintenance Services Your AC Needs Before Summer And Hot Weather Arrives


As spring approaches, it's a good idea to start thinking about annual air conditioning maintenance services. Once the threat of cold weather and snow has passed, it will be time to turn the furnace off and get your AC ready for summer. It doesn't matter if your AC is still fairly new or many years old, it's important to have professional air conditioning maintenance services done so all the parts can be inspected, cleaned, and serviced as needed. Here's how to get your AC ready for another hot summer.

Things You Can Do For The Air Handler

You can change the filter and start the cooling season with a clean filter that is free from dust and pet hairs. This is also a good time to clean around the air handler to remove dust in the room and on the exterior of the equipment. Most of the maintenance work has to be done once the air handler is opened up, so you can leave cleaning the interior to the air conditioning maintenance service.

Things The AC Tech Can Do For The Air Handler

The AC technician can continue cleaning the inside of the equipment by cleaning the evaporator coil and blower. In addition, the technician can check the capacitor, motor, control panel, and wiring to make sure everything is in good shape and operating properly.

Things You Can Do For The Condenser

Your maintenance tasks for the condenser involve trimming back weeds and moving clutter away from the unit so air isn't restricted. If you have DIY skills, you may want to open the condenser and pull out leaves and other debris. If you have a fin comb, you can straighten the fins on the side of the condenser. You may even want to hose off the coils as long as the power is off.

Things An AC Tech Can Do For The Condenser

An important air conditioning maintenance step that involves the condenser is to check the refrigerant pressure in the lines and condenser coil. The level of refrigerant should never fall since the refrigerant system is sealed. If the refrigerant is low, the AC tech will find the leak and stop it. The technician may also check the contactor, capacitor, fan motor, and compressor to make sure all the parts are okay and don't need to be replaced.

In addition to servicing the air handler and condenser, the AC technician may also check the thermostat to make sure it's accurate and that it doesn't have any loose wiring or other problems.

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19 January 2022

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