4 Common Air Conditioning Installation Problems To Avoid


Air conditioning installation is a process that many homeowners invest in each year. There are a few considerations to look at to ensure the installation goes right. This will help you avoid common problems with your AC system later on, which may necessitate expensive modifications or a total replacement. Here are common mistakes to be avoided for air conditioning installation:

1. Wrong Size AC

A common problem with AC installation is buying an air conditioner that is too small for the room it is going into. This can be due to mis-measuring the room. However, the biggest problem with having an air conditioner that is too small is that the unit will constantly run, which will wear out your system faster. In addition, it can cause your utility bills to go up higher than they should.  

On the other hand, an oversized unit will unnecessarily cost you more money and cycle too frequently. Always consult a HVAC professional for correct measurements. 

2. Poor Air Distribution Design 

If you have an air conditioning system that is not designed properly, it will not distribute the conditioned air evenly throughout your home. It does not achieve maximum comfort in different spaces. It makes your utility bills more than they should be because the room will not be cooled evenly. Ensure there is a proper design that considers your home's architecture.

3. Placing Vents/Registers in the Wrong Spots 

When placing vents or registers in your home, you should make sure that you know where the air flows through your home. You will have cold drafts where they are not needed, and hot air in already warm spots. It could force you to rearrange your furniture to fit the airflow. 

It can also impact your bills negatively because of running the AC for a long time. The unattractive long-term solution would be relocating the vents, which is costly.  Consider how you use different spaces when deciding where to place the vents. 

4. Poorly Sealed Ductwork 

If you do not seal all of your ductwork when you install your air conditioning system, there will be leakage problems. This means that energy will be lost, and you will be paying more for power than you should be. Therefore, the installer should go over the ductwork and ensure tight sealing. 

Are you upgrading or buying a new air conditioner and are not sure of an appropriate unit? Talk to a HVAC contractor from a company like Scott Guerin Heating & Cooling about a suitable air conditioning installation for maximum comfort. 


18 March 2022

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