Key Inspection Advice For HVAC Air Ducts


If you want both your heating and cooling systems working optimally, you need to get in the habit of checking the air ducts. They need to be in good shape for air to flow throughout them optimally. Here are some particular inspection tips to remember for HVAC ductwork. 

Look at the Vents When HVAC System Runs

One portion of your air ducts to pay particular attention to when inspecting them is the vents. They'll be located in every room around the ceiling area. Make sure you turn the HVAC system on and then check the vents thoroughly.

If you see debris flowing out of them, that means the ducts are dirty and thus need to be cleaned. If you neglect this care step, what's going to happen is inefficiency for both your heating and cooling systems. You can hire a professional company if a lot of debris moves out through the vents.

Take Pictures For Thorough Documentation

If you want to thoroughly document the condition and cleanliness of your air ducts, one thing you can do is take pictures of the inner portions. You don't need a specialized camera system to do this or be experienced with accessing air ducts.

Just take the covers off the vents and then put your phone up inside the ductwork. Try to capture pictures of as many angles as you can so that you have a pretty good idea of the overall condition of the air ducts. Then you'll know what repair and cleaning steps to take.

Be Aware of Pest Activity

In addition to air ducts getting dirty and damaged structurally, they can also experience pest activity. For instance, there may be rodents that have built nests in this portion of your home, causing all sorts of issues.

As long as you stay mindful of potential pest activity in the air ducts, you won't have to deal with a stressful infestation or major property damage. Look for signs of pest activity in the ducts, whether it's nest materials or droppings. If any of these signs are present, hire a pest control expert as soon as you can.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your air ducts, you'll need to inspect them thoroughly. As long as you use the right equipment and focus on the right aspects, you can carry out HVAC air duct inspections effectively each time they're warranted. 

Contact an HVAC contractor for more information. 


2 May 2022

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