Decisions You May Need To Make Prior To AC Installation


Having a new air conditioner installed can lead to a lot of benefits. New AC units tend to be energy-efficient. And it's nice to know your new air conditioner will be less prone to failure and breakdowns. Your HVAC contractor should be able to recommend a good air conditioner and install it. However, there may be a few more decisions they ask you to make prior to the installation appointment.

Do you want the new air conditioner in the same spot as the old one?

People often put their new air conditioner right where the old one was by default. If this works for you, then you can definitely take this approach. But if you have ever had any trouble with your AC unit's location, this is an opportunity to move it. Some reasons you might want to move your new AC unit include:

  • The old AC unit is surrounded by some trees and bushes that restrict airflow.
  • The old AC unit is close to a window or door, and you can hear it operating from inside.
  • The old AC unit is in a place where it interferes with the look of your landscaping.

Your HVAC contractor can give you a few options for new locations that will work, and you can pick the one you prefer.

Do you want to replace the central fan, too?

Most HVAC systems have a central fan that works with both the AC unit and heater to blow the treated air through your ducts. Sometimes, people have the central fan replaced when they replace their AC unit. Other times, they leave the current fan in place with plans to replace it later when they replace the furnace. Your HVAC contractor can tell you whether your fan is in good shape or whether it is likely to break down soon if not replaced.

Do you want to relocate the thermostat?

Your thermostat should be in an area where you can reach it easily. It shouldn't be near any doors or windows as that can affect the accuracy of the reading. If your thermostat is not in the best area, you may want your AC installer to move it when they install your new air conditioner. They can tell you how much this will cost, which may weigh into your decision.

Making the decisions above can help you feel more comfortable and confident with your upcoming AC installation. Reach out to your HVAC contractor with any questions about AC installation


29 July 2022

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