Why Install Loose-Fill Insulation In Your Attic?


While you can use solid insulation to line your attic space, you should also consider loose-fill insulation. What are the advantages of choosing a loose-fill installation?

Insulate Your Space Faster

If you want a quick and easy insulation job, then loose-fill is the right option. Other insulation products, such as batts, need to be cut to size and laid in place. This process can take some time.

Residential insulation installation contractors can insulate an attic with a loose-fill product in less time. They simply need to position a tube in your attic. They then feed the loose-fill into the tube and blow it around the space. It settles as it falls and creates an effective layer of insulation in no time at all.

Insulate Oddly-Shaped Areas More Effectively

Not all attics are easy to insulate. Some have tight corners and unusually-shaped areas. While your contractors can cut batt insulation to size, you might not get complete coverage all over the floor surface.

If some hard-to-reach places are left without any coverage, then your attic's insulation isn't 100% effective. Uninsulated areas can't prevent the inward and outward flow of hot or cold air.

Loose-fill insulation can fit into any space.  It doesn't matter how small, angled, or oddly shaped any part of your attic might be. You can blow this insulation anywhere and it will naturally settle to cover all spaces. You get more effective insulation coverage.

Get Better Pest Control

Some insulation products are attractive to pests. For example, rodents might like to nest in the comfort of a solid springy batt. If pests infest your attic, then you have to get rid of them; you also often have to replace your insulation because they will have damaged or contaminated it.

Pests don't typically like loose-fill insulation. It doesn't fit their nesting needs as much as solid products. Plus, if you pick a cellulose loose-fill, then it should also have additives in its mix to deter pests.

Reduce Your Insulation Costs

If you install batt insulation, then you pay for materials and labor. Your costs here will usually be higher than the costs of a loose-fill installation.

For example, you benefit from reduced labor time and costs. Your contractor doesn't need as much manpower on a loose-fill job. The job also takes less time. So, your overall bill should be cheaper.

To learn more, contact home insulation companies, such as Clear Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, and ask about their loose-fill products.


29 September 2022

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