4 Reasons Why You Should Constantly Ensure Your AC Is Getting Rid Of Water


Part of air conditioning in the home is the removal of moisture from the air indoors. To perform this task, the air conditioning system has an elaborate setup through which the moisture from the air condenses back to droplets and gets drained out of the building. You should know that the efficiency with which water gets removed from the system depends on whether it has blockages. Here are the four reasons you should keep the condensed moisture line open and prevent clogs at all costs.

Water Might Overflow

Check underneath the indoor unit's evaporator coil if you can't find the condenser drain pipe. Note that the AC collects the condensate after it removes humidity from the air and drains it via the line. That said, overflowing water from a blocked drainage pipe can lead to microbial development and other problems. So, ensure the drain line is clear from clogs to prevent this issue.

The Internal Parts of the Unit Could Freeze

If the line on your AC becomes blocked, water cannot flow out properly. Given this, the coil in the evaporator might freeze up, resulting in an AC shutoff. More so, it may damage crucial components before the unit breaks down. As such, checking the drain line at least once every month is crucial. Further, you must check your filter as it contributes to drain clogs, as any dust flowing in might block the pipes. In this case, note that changing the filters keeps the system clean and prevents gunk from forming.

It Leads to Additional Repair Costs

You should know that your AC system's inability to drain moisture leads to system breakdowns when you least expect it. This is because water accumulating and draining through the wrong avenues will ultimately lead to problems with other parts of the system. Further, the problem worsens when the water comes into contact and corrodes electrical components. As such, you should contact an AC service professional to check any developing issues before they cause AC unit complications.

You Will Experience Water Damage

A clogged condenser drainage pipe might cause problems for more than just your AC system. This is because it can affect your personal effects and the structural integrity of your home. For example, when a pan overflows, it can ruin walls, cause serious leaks, and damage electrical equipment. On the other hand, adding a cup of detergent into the drain line's inlet can help keep it clean and prevent backups. However, if this simple hack does not help, call a technician for repairs. They will inspect and find the ideal solution to the problem.

Note that you should find an AC service expert to fix your unit's water drainage problems. This way, your system will suffer fewer breakdowns when you maintain the flow. For more information on AC servicing, contact a professional near you.


5 January 2023

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