Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Too Small For Your Residence


An air conditioner that's too small for your residence will always disappoint you. But why would you purchase an undersized AC system? Well, most people don't know the perfect air conditioner size for their household. Therefore, they'll buy a unit based on price instead of other factors. Unfortunately, you might not know whether the AC unit is too small until you spot the following signs.

Inconsistent Temperatures in the House

As long as your air conditioner installation is good, the temperatures in your house should always be consistent. Sadly, that's not the case for residences with small air conditioners. Such air conditioners don't have enough power to cool a room evenly. That's why some areas will be cooler while the rest will still be hot. Inconsistent temperatures indicate that you need to replace the small AC unit with a larger one.

The AC System Never Stops Running

Air conditioners take little time to cool the house. Amazingly, the AC system should switch off after your home reaches the desired temperature. So, if your AC unit runs continuously without stopping, something needs to be fixed. The air conditioner may be struggling to keep up with your cooling requirements. And as you know, the unit shouldn't struggle to cool your room unless it's small or hasn't been serviced for a long time. 

High Cooling Bills

Cooling your home during the summer doesn't mean you should incur high electricity costs. Your bills might increase a bit, and that's normal. But it's a bad sign if the bills have reached unprecedented levels. That only happens when you run the air conditioner for more extended periods. And since your small AC system must keep running to maintain the desired temperatures, your cooling bills will also soar. 

Unless you are comfortable paying enormous electricity bills, you must get an air conditioning replacement.

The AC Unit Won't Cool Your Home

Have you noticed that running your AC system doesn't affect the house's hot temperatures? This can happen due to dirty air filters, low refrigerant, clogged condenser coils, or frozen evaporator coils. Therefore, you must invite an air conditioner technician to diagnose what's causing the problem. If the AC system has no problem but still won't cool your home, it's too small for your household. As such, you should get it replaced.

High Humidity Levels

Air conditioners are designed to reduce the humidity levels in your home. Unfortunately, an AC unit that's too small for your home can't absorb much humidity. That's why you can't tell the difference when you run the air conditioner. You'll still have moist and clammy air in the house.

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18 January 2023

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