Why You Need Basic AC Understanding


You don't have to be an air conditioner (AC) technician to use an AC in your house. However, take time to understand your air conditioner's major parts. You should also know how the AC works to cool your house. Below are the benefits of basic AC understanding for homeowners.

For Efficient AC Use

Basic AC understanding will help you enhance your AC's cooling and energy efficiency. For example, you might be tempted to lower the thermostat on a hot day to get your house to comfortable temperatures as soon as possible if you don't know how the AC works.

However, those who know how the AC works know that lowering the thermostat doesn't get the AC to cool any faster but just wastes energy. The AC cools at the same rate. The thermostat just determines how long the AC runs before your house reaches the set temperature and the AC stops.

For Safety Purposes

Those who understand how ACs work know that some parts of these systems are not suitable for DIY service or repair. For example, electrical parts of the AC, such as the cables and capacitor, can cause serious electrical shock. Basic knowledge of AC systems and parts will help you avoid such parts and injuries. 

For Ease of Maintenance

You should maintain your AC to keep it running efficiently. Some of the maintenance tasks are suitable for DIY, while others require a professional technician's touch. Mixing DIY and professional services can help you keep the AC running with minimum costs. For example, you can replace the air filter, clean the unit, and leave complex maintenance to the contractor.

To Spot Potential Problems

You may spot emerging problems with your AC and fix them before they become catastrophic if you know how the AC works. For example, you should know that an AC should not be overly noisy or smelly. An understanding of the AC's normal cycles will help you spot if the AC is running longer or shorter cycles than normal.

To Help With Basic Diagnosis

Lastly, knowing your AC can also help you perform a basic diagnosis before you call a professional. For example, you should know that the thermostat, motors, and fan require electricity to run, so you should check for a tripped breaker or other electrical issues if the AC is off. You will check the air filter for clogging if the AC coils freeze.

Contact an AC services provider for more information. 


9 February 2023

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