3 Important Benefits Of Having A Water Softener Installed


An easy way to tell if your home needs a water softener is to look at a glass coffee pot or your glass shower door to see if they have a scaly look. Hard water has a lot of minerals in it, and those minerals fall out of the water and collect on whatever the water touches. This leaves scale on glass and shiny metal faucets.

A water softener ends this problem because it gets rid of the minerals in the water. Here are three major benefits of having a water softener installed. 

1. Your Water Heater Is Protected

A water softener is usually installed on a water line before the line enters the water heater so the water in the heater is soft. This minimizes the amount of mineral scale in the water heater.

When hard water goes in the heater instead, minerals build up and fall to the bottom of the heater. Eventually, the sediment can cause your heater to malfunction. Sediment can be removed by flushing it out of the valve on the bottom of the tank, but it's better to have less sediment to start with so your tank or the parts inside won't be damaged. Plus, with less sediment, there is a lower risk of your heater malfunctioning.

2. It's Easier To Keep Your Home Clean And Shiny

Water scale gets on everything the water in your home touches when you have hard water. While the scale isn't dirty, it can make your bathroom look dingy. Plus, your faucets will be spotted, and scale builds up on the shower doors and tracks. It takes more work to keep your wet rooms shiny and clean when you have hard water.

Since a water softener gets rid of mineral scale, your bathroom will be easier to clean, and your dishes will be shiny too. You won't have to soak things in vinegar anymore to get rid of scale stains.

3. Your Plumbing Pipes Won't Clog With Scale

Just like scale coats your glass coffee pot, scale also accumulates in your home's plumbing pipes. It might take a long time, but the scale can eventually cause clogs. When a water line clogs, the pressure of the water can be affected or a pipe could start leaking.

Since it isn't easy to clean scale out of a pipe that's buried under the ground or slab, removing mineral scale is a much better option. A water softener protects your pipes and the appliances they connect to. The water softener could save you money if it prevents the need to repipe your home due to mineral clogs.

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4 May 2023

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