Parts A Furnace Maintenance Technician Might Check During A Tune-Up


Your furnace needs a professional tune-up every year whether it's gas or electric. Preventative maintenance is important or your equipment could break down and leave you in the cold. Plus, poor maintenance can lead to expensive repair bills you could have avoided just by having maintenance done when it's needed. Here's a look at parts of your furnace a maintenance technician may check.

Blower System

Both types of furnaces have blowers in them to distribute hot air through the ducts. The blower may need to be cleaned to get rid of built-up dust. The motor that powers the blower needs to be checked and cleaned too. If dust gets too thick, the motor and blower may malfunction.

The technician might also check the thermostat and ducts since both of these parts of a heating system need to work properly for the blower to work well and keep your home warm. If a duct has a leak in it, the technician might seal it with tape so no air is lost in your attic.

Electric Furnace Parts

The heating elements and the small parts that operate them should be checked annually. The elements need to be cleaned occasionally, and the maintenance technician may also need to tighten parts or replace some that might be bad. Electric furnaces are usually more expensive to operate than gas models, and the cost gets even higher if the heating element parts are faulty and cause the system to run longer to warm your house.

An annual tune-up protects the equipment and helps control power bills, too. Another reason regular servicing by a professional is needed is to comply with the terms of your warranty. If your equipment fails and an expensive part needs to be replaced, the warranty may not cover it if you don't have proof of annual service calls.

Gas Furnace Parts

A gas system is quite different from an electric furnace. The technician needs to check and clean the combustion area and vents. A high-efficiency gas model has a condensation system that needs to be serviced, too. In addition to cleaning and servicing the combustion area, the technician looks for signs of damage, especially to the heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers can sometimes be damaged by strong vibrations or acidic condensation, and if a crack develops, carbon monoxide can leak out. Equipment that's maintained properly helps keep your family safe. The furnace maintenance technician has to check, clean, and service the combustion area carefully so they can spot small damaged areas and fix them.

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29 June 2023

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