Why You Shouldn't Install An AC Yourself


There are many installation jobs that you can perform on your home, but one that you should never consider is an AC installation. There are several risks involved in installing it and you may make costly mistakes. Avoid Injuries and Mishap An air conditioner is an electrical appliance. Like with all electrical appliances, there's a risk that you might shock yourself if you aren't careful as you install the unit. In fact, the air conditioner uses more electricity than any other appliance in the home in most households, so there's a lot of electricity coursing through it that could cause serious injury or death.

20 January 2020

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits


Has debris been building up in your cooling system recently? The more that the air conditioning unit is used, the faster that dirt and contaminants will collect. Thankfully, there is a way that these pollutants can be reduced to ensure they don't impact the quality of air inside your home, and all it takes is to schedule routine cleaning of your air ducts. Here are three benefits of this type of service.

27 December 2019

Minor Furnace Problems That Could Be Impacting Efficiency


When you think about a furnace breaking or failing, you usually think about a situation in which the homeowner does not have heat. But sometimes, a furnace may break without failing completely. It will keep running and heating your home to a certain extent, but your energy bills will shoot up. What kinds of furnace problems can lead to these issues? Here's a look at some top possibilities. Worn Bearings in the Motor

21 November 2019

4 Tips To Help Deal With Emergency Plumbing Problems That Are Causing Damage To Your Home


Sometimes, issues with plumbing can be serious issues that require you to take quick action before they cause serious damage to your home. You are going to need help with the repairs but may have to wait for professional help. The following tips will help you deal with plumbing emergencies that are causing damage to your home and need immediate repairs: Cutting the Water Off When the Problem Is Broken Pipes Causing Damage

21 October 2019

Two Common Problems With Hot Water Heaters


A water heater is an appliance designed to heat up water and distribute it throughout your property. Most properties will have one to two water heaters but may have even more depending on how large the property is. If you have a lot of people using the water, it is better to have more to be able to meet the demand. Taking care of this appliance with regular system checks will prolong its life expectancy and keep it running smoothly.

11 September 2019

Hiring A Plumber To Help Install Your New Heating System


When you are installing a new heating system, you more than likely do not think you need plumbing services, but depending on the type of system our putting in, you may need a plumber to run specific lines and pipes that are part of the system.  Heating With Water One of the most basic heating systems that you may need a plumber to install is a boiler or forced hot water system.

7 August 2019

What To Do If Your Furnace Is Not Producing Enough Heat


When you turn on your furnace, you expect it to do more than produce hot air. You expect it to produce enough hot air to keep your home warm. If your furnace is producing some hot air, but not as much as it has in the past, the issue is likely a filter that needs to be changed. Find Your Filter First, you need to find where the filter is located on your furnace.

1 July 2019