What You Risk By Skipping HVAC Maintenance


Servicing your HVAC systems is a must-do if you want them to perform well and serve you for years. Unfortunately, some people skip HVAC maintenance simply because they don't have their air conditioners or heaters running throughout the year. You might be saving some bucks, but here are the risks of skipping HVAC services.

Short Lifespan

HVAC systems are designed to run for a certain number of years. So, assuming your air conditioner has a lifespan of 15 years, do you think it can last for that long if you haven't been servicing it? Well, that's a big NO! Neglecting your HVAC system will definitely cut its lifespan short due to wear and tear and problems piling up.

Poor Performance

Air conditioners and furnaces must run efficiently to keep your home comfortable. If these systems have glaring problems, they will have difficulty cooling or warming your spaces. So, why would you want to be stuck with an HVAC system whose performance is poor? Regrettably, your systems will continue to perform poorly until you take routine maintenance seriously. 

High Electricity Bills

If you have been skipping HVAC maintenance, you'll definitely pay for your mistakes in the future. Surprisingly, people who neglect their HVAC systems constantly complain of increasing energy bills. Unfortunately, such people don't realize that their systems are behind the spike in energy consumption. Failing to tune up these appliances and systems means they'll lose their performance. As a result, they'll need to run for longer durations before achieving the desired temperatures. 

You can reduce the period your HVAC systems run by routinely servicing them. If you invest in routine maintenance, your furnace and air conditioners will perform optimally without using too much power.

Bad Air Quality

Skipping HVAC maintenance won't just affect your systems. It will also affect the air quality in your home. So, don't be surprised why the air in your home is always musty and dusty. Well, it's because you have dirty ductwork and air filters. So, whenever you switch on your air conditioner and furnace, they'll blow dirty or contaminated air into your space.

Your ductwork should be cleaned each time the maintenance crew comes to your home. You should also change your air filters a few times annually.

Health Issues

You shouldn't skip HVAC maintenance if you care about your family's well-being. Neglecting your systems might bring respiratory problems to your family. The dirty air from your HVAC systems might trigger allergic conditions, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. 

With the risks explained above, investing in routine maintenance checks is essential. For more information on why you should seek HVAC maintenance, contact a professional near you.


9 September 2022

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