Heater Repair Services: When Do You Need Furnace Repair Services To Fix A Faulty Burner?


When the temperature dips, the last thing you want is for your furnace to go off. Unfortunately, even the best-maintained furnaces can experience issues. You need extra caution if you have a fuel furnace that uses oil or gas. The combustion process needs fuel and air and gives off by-products such as carbon and soot. That's why it's important to know the most common residential furnace burner faults and how a heater repair service can fix them.

Clogged Burner

A clogged burner can lead to a whole bunch of trouble. When the burners become clogged with dirt and debris, it makes it difficult for the furnace to burn fuel efficiently. 

Clogs can lead to the furnace working harder and using more energy, which can lead to higher bills and even a breakdown. A furnace technician can clean the burners to help achieve higher combustion efficiency.

A Dirty or Faulty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is like the referee in the furnace game. It ensures the burners are functioning properly and the flame is burning safely. If the flame sensor is dirty, it can't do its job, and the furnace will shut down.

If it's faulty, well, the furnace will simply not work. The problem can be solved by cleaning the sensor. However, it might need replacement if it becomes insensitive or damaged.

Blocked Air Intake

The combustion unit needs a constant supply of air to function properly. If the air intake is blocked by dirt, debris, or even ice, the furnace may not function efficiently. The furnace repair service will check the intake for blockages like dried leaves, mud, or ice and clear them.

Faulty Ignition System

The ignition system is responsible for igniting the fuel. If the ignition system is faulty, the burners will not ignite, and the furnace will not work. In older models, the pilot light could be going off unexpectedly, while more modern units might see the electronic ignition fail. A technician can test, adjust, or replace a faulty unit.

Gas Leaks

A gas or oil leak is not just a malfunction but also a safety issue. If you smell natural gas, it's important to evacuate the building immediately and call for help. Natural gas leaks can be dangerous and even deadly. A furnace repair technician can find and fix the leak, ensuring your home is safe and warm.

A faulty burner can cause much discomfort, so you need prompt professional attention. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues, but if you do experience any of them, don't hesitate to call in the professionals.

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11 April 2023

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