4 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New Furnace


If your old furnace is in need of repairs all the time, it is time to invest in a new furnace. A new furnace is an investment that will work for you for a long time. A new furnace will allow you to more effectively heat your home. When investing in a new furnace, you need to do your research first before you make such a large purchase that will impact your life.

4 June 2020

What To Know About Installing A New AC


Not having a working air conditioning system can make your home uncomfortable during the warmer months. While air conditioning systems usually last for years, they will eventually need to be replaced. Your system will eventually wear down, especially if you live in an area where you use it frequently. If your AC is showing signs that replacement is needed, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to installation.

28 April 2020

A Homeowner's Guide To AC Short Cycling


Short cycling is when the AC is constantly popping on for a very short cycle, turns off, and almost immediately turns on and repeats the process. It is a major problem that can lead to poor cooling and an AC breakdown. The following guide can help you recognize short cycling and understand how the problem can occur. Signs of Short Cycling For those that spend a lot of time at home, short cycling may be obvious simply because you notice the increased amount of cycles that your AC is going through.

24 March 2020

Is Thermal Tracking An Issue In Your Home?


Thermal tracking is a problem that plagues homeowners, and the worst thing about the issue is that it's sometimes hard to detect. Not only are the signs of thermal tracking often mistaken for another issue, but some homeowners also have never heard of the problem, and therefore, don't even know the first sign to look for. If you want to protect your home, learn more about what thermal tracking is and how you can manage the problem.

21 February 2020

Why You Shouldn't Install An AC Yourself


There are many installation jobs that you can perform on your home, but one that you should never consider is an AC installation. There are several risks involved in installing it and you may make costly mistakes. Avoid Injuries and Mishap An air conditioner is an electrical appliance. Like with all electrical appliances, there's a risk that you might shock yourself if you aren't careful as you install the unit. In fact, the air conditioner uses more electricity than any other appliance in the home in most households, so there's a lot of electricity coursing through it that could cause serious injury or death.

20 January 2020